PEEE 2019

PEEE 2019 | London, UK | December 19-21, 2019

PEEE 2019 was successfully held London, UK during December 19-21, 2019!  

Group Photo 

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Om P. Malik, University of Calgary, Canada  

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Bikash C. Pal, Imperial College, London, UK 

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Belkacem OULD BOUAMAMA, Lille University, France 

Invited Speaker: Prof. Jorge Loredo, University of Oviedo, Spain 


Session I BP-L. Alfredo Fernandez-Jimenez  Session II BP-Nobuyuki Yamaguchi  Session III BP-Luís C. Pires  Session IV BP-Ismail Musirin 
Session I Group Photo  Session II Group Photo  Session III Group Photo  Session IV Group Photo 


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